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Welcome to seacret ONSEN, YUNOHIRAKAN

A little ONSEN village surrounded by deep nature in North Japan Alpes. YUNOHIRAKAN offers you to feel magnificent natural landscape and taste wealthy ingredients from the mountain. Soak in ONSEN, have seasonal flavors in a hearth, relax your holiday. You are very welcome to come to RYOKAN YUNOHIRAKAN in OKUHIDA ONSEN.


Seasonal local food having in a hearth.

Try our cuisine that is made by local ingredients from the mountain and the river in the hearth which we are very proud of.
※The meal would be different by every season due to using seasonal ingredients.

Fresh ingredients from the mountain grilled over charcoal

Enjoy the moment of your journey in our hearth.

HIDA WAGYU beef stake

The WAGYU beef is grown in wealthy land, smooth texture and tender, it will melt on your tongue and has a creamy rich flavor.


We serve dinner and breakfast in the hall or a private table in the restaurant. The private tables are hearth and chair style, limited only 4 groups a day.The hall is a Japanese hearth style. Both of them, you can enjoy grilling over charcoal.

In the hotel · inside the hall

Spring to autumn, variety of green and flowers surround you. Middle of winter, the view is all white.There is a handy lift.

12.4㎡ Japanese rooms

The main building is far away from any roads, you can relax in a peace and quit vibe.No bathroom and toilet in the room.
※Please use shared ones in every floor.


15.47㎡ Japanese room

In the new building. The view is amazing which shows you OKUHIDA mountains in every different seasons.
※With toilet and washroom.

Peace vibe

We serve meals in the restaurant with a hearth. Please choose a hall or private tables.
(The private tables are limited only 4 groups a day.)

Rooms<10 Japanese rooms>
10 rooms of 15.47㎡ with a fridge, toilet and washroom
*Wi-Fi connection is possible in all rooms
Room facilities<Bathroom>
An inner tub and a open-air bath
(men and women are separated)
3 private open-air baths
Restaurant4 private tables with a hearth
9 tables with a hearth in a hall


The hot spring in the mountain has been healing people since SENGOKU period.

OKUHIDAONSENKYOU YUNOHIRAKAN is a onsen village where is a base of north NORIKURA DAKE and popular as an entrance from GIFU prefecture side. According to tradition, solders were exhausted because of crossing a ridge and gas of active volcano when SHOGUN TAKEDA was invading the area, solders saw a white old monkey soaking in the ONSEN to heal his damaged legs. Damaged solders had healed as they soaked like the monkey, since then, lots of people come here to get the efficacy. Also here was a popular ONSEN spot for DAIMYO from HOKURIKU area healing the fatigue on the way to EDO. YUNOHIRA ONSEN has 40 spring sources and outputting 13000L per minute. We have 2 different kinds of spring source so that you can enjoy 100% of fresh pure ONSEN directly from the source.

2 private open-air baths

We have got 3 private bathrooms to make you enjoy YUNOHIRAKAN.The view from every single private open-air bath is different from every season and feel like nature of YUNOHIRAKAN.It’s free and unlimited times to use for our guest.

Private open-air bath ONSEN source
Source nameAKANDANA
Qualitysodium and calcium Bicarbonate hydro chloride hydrate
Temperatureoutput 700L per minute
EfficacyNeuralgia, muscle pain, sensitivity of cold, fatigue recovery, health promotion, skin disease, female disorder, diabetes, scratches
Opening hours6:00~9:00、15:00~23:00

2 different kinds of spring source of HINOKI tub and stone open-air tub

The tubs separated men and women are a inner bath and stone open-air bath those are available after check in time 3PM to next morning. By HINOKI tub, always fresh spring water is floating because of large amount of output that make you enjoy the different efficacy from private open-air bath.By stone open-air bath, you feel mother nature surrounding OKUHIDA ONSEN and the different vibes of four seasons.

Inner bath・open-air bath spring source
Inner bathOpen-air bath
nameAKANDANATakara no yu 2 No. Izumi
qualitysodium and calcium Bicarbonate hydro chloride hydrateSalted sulfur spring
Temperature/outputoutput 700L per minuteTemperature 400L output per minute
efficacyNeuralgia, muscle pain, sensitivity of cold, fatigue recovery, health promotion, skin disease, female disorder, diabetes, scratch
Opening hours3PM to 9AM next day

TEL:+81(0)578-89-2650 FAX:+81(0)578-89-2817